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American Legion Riders | Pearce Keller Post 17 | 114 McCall Rd | Manhattan KS 66502

Stop By The Legion On Thursday For Dinner!!

Meat Tasting Fundraiser

The American Legion Riders at Post 17 have been participating in Meat Tasting Fundraisers. This is done through Kansas State University.

How this works is between 18-20 members sign up to participate in tasting different types of meat; hamburgers, steak, taco meat etc. Then we answer questions about the meat.  They pay each of us and we give it to the American Legion Riders.

The student uses this information for their research project. Its an easy way to do fundraising and it only takes an hour out of your time.

Trash Pick Up Day

Time again for another day of picking up trash on Hwy 13. This time we even had a mascot with us.


The American Legion Riders participate in quite a few flag lines for funerals. Most of the time it is for veterans that we don’t even know.

Other times the flag line is for one of our members or their family.

Rest in peace.

Poppy Day

p04ddvc8It was that time of the year again. Handing out poppies.

Every year the American Legion Post 17 hands out poppies at different locations around Manhattan.

Here are just a few pictures.  Continue reading

Brown Bag Ride


IMG_7718During the summer we go on a “Brown Bag Ride”. One of the members is in charge of mapping out a ride, and keeping it a secret until the day of the ride.

Everyone brings a bagged lunch to eat at our destination. We never know where the ride might takes us. It is always a fun day!

Make Some Noise

IMG_7936When Manhattan High School has a Friday home football game you might hear a lot of noise at the end zone. For the last several years some of our riders have taken their motorcycles and parked them in the end zone.

When the football team comes out of the locker room at the beginning of the game, the motorcycles start their engines and make a lot of noise. What a great way to get the team and spectators rev’d up for the game. Continue reading